Warranty and Care


Our Service and Product Guarantee

We’ve been enhancing homes schools and businesses with outdoor shelter solutions for over 20 years, so rest assured we’ve got enough experience to understand how our product performs over time.  From the first contact, to the final post installation check, we’re confident that the product and service you will receive is of the highest quality. In the unlikely event of an installation or service issue along the way, we’ll deal with your concerns swiftly and efficiently, and whenever possible, on the very same day. Just contact your local installer to discuss.

All Archgola awnings have been designed and certified by a structural engineer and all aspects of the building code applicable to your have been strictly adhered to. We manufacture our product in our very own factory, so we can manage and monitor the quality and finish of your Archgola. For extra peace of mind we provide a proper 5 year warranty on our frames and installation workmanship, but by following our low maintenance product care guidelines, you can expect to enjoy your Archgola shelter for many years to come.

Care instructions

Roof Maintenance

Clean polycarbonate roofing regularly with warm water, a mild detergent and a soft sponge. Take care not to scratch the sheet and hose it down thoroughly afterwards.

Powder Coating Frame Maintenance

3 Steps to Cleaning your Powder Coating

  1. Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge.
  2. Use a soft, non-abrasive brush and a diluted solution of mild detergent in warm water to remove dust, salt and other deposits.
  3. Ensure you thoroughly rinse the surfaces with fresh water after cleaning to remove all residue.

Protecting your Archgola Powder Coated Frame

  1. Avoid using abrasives such as steel wool, scrapers or scouring liquids to remove dirt, as these will damage the powder coating.
  2. Avoid using aggressive solvents such as thinners or petrol, as these will damage the powder coating and will invalidate your warranty.
  3. As tempting as it might be, do not rub the powder coating excessively, especially metallic finishes. Damage may not be visible immediately and may take up to twelve months to appear.
  4. Keep sunscreens away from the powder coating. Some sunscreens can adversely affect painted finishes. If your powder coated frame is to be exposed to plaster, mortar or paint, ensure the frame is masked. It is easier to prevent accidents than try to correct them.